Word-Of-Mouth Marketing For Your Business

Companies that delight their customers receive free word-of-mouth marketing that their competitors miss. This article provides a four-step push to get customers spreading the word, “How Do You Get Your Customers to Advocate for You?“.

Working With Your Board

Make sure advisors truly understand your vision and business and bring real value with the suggestions in this article, “A Bad Board of Directors Can Ruin Your Company — Here’s How to Make Sure It Doesn’t Happen to You“.

Advice From Steve Jobs

Here are a few good reminders to help keep you focused, “Steve Jobs’s Advice on the Only 4 Times You Should Say ‘No’ Is Brilliant“.

New Pittsburgh Zoning

Interesting article that recently appeared in Pittsburgh Business Times, “New zoning along Pittsburgh’s rivers could boost trails“.

Key Employment Issues

This articles looks at a few employment issues for emerging companies, “13 Key Employment Issues For Startup And Emerging Companies“.

VC Shifting To Pennsylvania

VC money is flowing outside Silicon Valley. Colorado, Pennsylvania and Florida-based startups could greatly benefit from this shift. Read more at “VC Money Is Finally Flowing Outside Silicon Valley and Into These 3 States“.

Housing Plans At Civic Arena Site

More info has been releasde on the first 935 units of housing to be built at the former Civic Arena site. Learn more at, “Developer reveals plans for housing at Civic Arena site“.

Should You Split Equity Equally?

Should early-stage entrepreneurs split equity equally? Read Frank Demmler’s opinion at “He thinks nothing sours friendships faster in the startup world than splitting equity equally“.

URA Approves New Deal With Penguins

Here are a few details on the URA’s approval of a new deal with Penguins, “Pittsburgh’s URA approves new deal with Penguins for Civic Arena site development“.

Info On Proposed Tax Overhauls

Here is an overview of some of the changes that individual tax filers could expect if either of the House or Senate versions were to pass as-is, “CHART: How The Republican Tax Overhaul Would Affect You“.

Pittsburgh Home Values

This article provides a look at local home values, “Here’s how much Pittsburgh home values are increasing“.