Business Bankruptcies Fell 22 Percent in 2012

Chapter 11The number of bankruptcies for primarily commercial debts in 2012 fell twenty-two percent from the number reported in 2011.  This is yet another statistic supporting the fact that the financial health of U.S. businesses is stabilizing.

The statistics are based on whether a debtor, which could be an individual or a legal business entity, reported primarily consumer debts or business debts at the time of filing.  Those who report primarily business debts are considered a commercial bankruptcy filer.

Chapter 11 filings, often referred to as ‘reorganizations’ also followed the downward trend in 2012, with an overall 10 percent decrease from 2011 to 2012.   The number of Chapter 11 filings represents a narrower statistic than those who declared primarily business debts.

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