Year End Business Planning

As the calendar / fiscal year comes to a close for a company, many people think that the important next step is reviewing the financials and preparing for tax season. In this recent article for Corridors by Pittsburgh North Regional … Continued

Helpful Leadership Suggestions

This article offers up a few helpful leadership suggestions, “7 Things in Leadership That Require No Talent But Lead to Massive Success“.

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing For Your Business

Companies that delight their customers receive free word-of-mouth marketing that their competitors miss. This article provides a four-step push to get customers spreading the word, “How Do You Get Your Customers to Advocate for You?“.

Working With Your Board

Make sure advisors truly understand your vision and business and bring real value with the suggestions in this article, “A Bad Board of Directors Can Ruin Your Company — Here’s How to Make Sure It Doesn’t Happen to You“.

Advice From Steve Jobs

Here are a few good reminders to help keep you focused, “Steve Jobs’s Advice on the Only 4 Times You Should Say ‘No’ Is Brilliant“.

Key Employment Issues

This articles looks at a few employment issues for emerging companies, “13 Key Employment Issues For Startup And Emerging Companies“.

Info On Proposed Tax Overhauls

Here is an overview of some of the changes that individual tax filers could expect if either of the House or Senate versions were to pass as-is, “CHART: How The Republican Tax Overhaul Would Affect You“.

What Is Venture Capital?

Here is a helpful look at what venture capital is, how it works and if it is the best funding option for you, “What Is Venture Capital Anyway?“.

How To Keep Your Best Employees

Want to hold onto your best employees? There are a few helpful tips in this article, “Want Your Best Employees to Never Leave You? Give Them the 7 Things They Need the Most“.

What Makes A Workplace Great?

What makes a workplace great? Have a look at this article to see what these workers said, “We Asked 169,000 Workers About What Makes Their Workplace Great. Here’s Their Take“.

Writing Better Job Listings

If you’re hiring employees this is a helpful article, “How To Write A Job Listing That Attracts Top-Notch Employees”.

Scaling Your Business

This article offers a few tips for growing your business and increasing revenue, “15 Ways to Scale Your Business and Make More Money“.