Business Assets May Become Exempt from Inheritance Tax

Lawmakers in Harrisburg are considering a proposal that would exempt business assets from the state’s inheritance tax. The legislation is a welcomed glimmer of hope for many family-owned, small businesses in Pennsylvania. Still struggling with the shaky economy and the … Continued

Small Business Owners’ Credit Profiles Improving

With the U.S. economy slowly climbing up from the recent recessional pit, small business owners’ credit profiles appear to be leading the way. Studies by industry analysts show the average credit profile from small business owners improved in 45 of … Continued

Additional Terms to Consider for Equipment Leases

As we discussed in our last article, there are many potential terms to consider when drafting your standard equipment lease.  We identified some necessary terms and defined the purpose of each.  In this post we will discuss some additional lease … Continued

Minimum Requirements for Equipment Leases

There are a myriad of potential terms to consider when creating an equipment lease.  Deciding which terms to leave in and which to take out can feel like gambling to equipment owners, so some leases end up unnecessarily long and … Continued

Negligence and Business Liability

  Recently, a passenger traveling on a Southwest Airlines flight asked the flight attendant for hot tea.  The attendant followed standard protocol and gave the passenger a cup of hot water from the designated dispenser, along with a tea bag.  … Continued

Purchasing an Existing Business in Pennsylvania

If you are considering buying a retail business, the Christmas shopping season is a good time to do an on-site evaluation of apparent business volume.  If the business ought to be busy but isn’t, consider it a signal that either … Continued

Scolieri Law Group Featured in Business News Q&A

We recently had the opportunity to answer legal questions regarding limited liability companies (LLCs) in New North Business Matters, a monthly business to business publication serving northern Allegheny and southern Butler Counties. Eight thousand copies are mailed to business leaders, … Continued