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Key Employment Issues

This articles looks at a few employment issues for emerging companies, “13 Key Employment Issues For Startup And Emerging Companies“.

VC Shifting To Pennsylvania

VC money is flowing outside Silicon Valley. Colorado, Pennsylvania and Florida-based startups could greatly benefit from this shift. Read more at “VC Money Is Finally Flowing Outside Silicon Valley and Into These 3 States“.

Should You Split Equity Equally?

Should early-stage entrepreneurs split equity equally? Read Frank Demmler’s opinion at “He thinks nothing sours friendships faster in the startup world than splitting equity equally“.

Info On Proposed Tax Overhauls

Here is an overview of some of the changes that individual tax filers could expect if either of the House or Senate versions were to pass as-is, “CHART: How The Republican Tax Overhaul Would Affect You“.

Avoid 401k Cash Out

Helpful article related to personal finances, “4 Ways To Avoid A 401(k) Cash-Out“.

What Is Venture Capital?

Here is a helpful look at what venture capital is, how it works and if it is the best funding option for you, “What Is Venture Capital Anyway?“.

Business Coaches For Entrepreneurs

Interesting article on the services business coaches can provide for entrepreneurs, “How Business Coaches Do (And Don’t) Help Entrepreneurs“.

Evaluating Self Insurance

Interesting look at how to evaluate a self-insurance plan for your business “4 Steps to Maintain a Healthy Self-Insurance Plan“.

Finding The Perfect Cofounder

Tips for finding the right cofounder for your business can be found in this article, “3 steps for finding the perfect startup cofounder“.