Small-Business Accelerators

Here are a few helpful things to know about accelerators for small businesses, “4 Things to Know About Small-Business Accelerators“.

Smooth Transition When Selling Your Company

A lot of entrepreneurs dream of the acquisition payday, but it’s the transition that really matters. Learn how to prepare from someone who’s been there in this article “5 Ways to Create a Smooth Transition When Selling Your Company“.

The Magic of Leadership

Here is a good one by Entrepreneur, “The Magic of Leadership: Observations From 10 of the Most Successful People in Business“.

Hosting Better Meetings

A couple of suggestions for hosting better corporate meetings in this article “6 ways to overhaul your company’s meetings“.

Entrepreneur’s Top Company Cultures

Interesting visualization of what it takes to have a great corporate culture in this Infographic by Entrepreneur. Click the image below to see the infographic.

Scaling Your Company

Helpful article for business owners, “6 Tips to Make Smarter Strategic Financial Decisions When Scaling Your Company“.

Healthy Workplace Cultures

A few good examples of businesses who have built healthy workplace cultures, “7 Enviable Company Cultures That Foster Social Relationships“.

Night At The Races

If you’re looking for networking opportunities, the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber is hosting “Night at the Races” next week. It’s a fun evening out and all proceeds benefit the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber Educational Foundation Scholarship Fund. Use this link for … Continued