Business Practice

Our lawyers have represented corporations, general and limited partnerships and proprietorships.

Commercial Litigation

Representing individual and business clients in mediation, arbitration and litigation in Pennsylvania and federal courts


Counseling contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and developers.

Real Estate

We have represented commercial and residential brokers, agents, mortgage bankers, landlords, tenants, buyers and sellers

Title Insurance

Our lawyers provide residential and commercial real estate settlement services for settlement companies obtaining title insurance.

Estate Planning

We explain and prepare documents to ensure that clients’ testamentary objectives are met, and that inheritance and estate tax liabilities are mitigated. When a loved one dies, Mr. Scolieri can guide the family through the probate and administration process, ensuring the orderly transfer of real estate and personal property.

Intellectual Property

We can provide representation in the five basic categories on intellectual property law: Intellectual Property Trademarks Trade Secrets Copyright Law