Review Your Business Contracts Before It’s Too Late

ContractOne common mistake business owners make when it comes to drafting their contracts is copying contracts from another business to use as their own. The problem with this method is that a contract used by your business should be written with your specific business goals in mind taking. Your contracts should also protect you from unnecessary liability or leave you with no avenue to seek restitution should the other party breach the contract.

The attorneys at the Scolieri Law Group work hand in hand with you in drafting contracts to meet your business needs and ensure your interests are protected. Some items we recommend for contracts include:

  • Legal requirements for enforceability
  • Liability issues
  • Who pays for enforcement
  • Choice of jurisdiction
  • Choice of law provisions

If you are not sure these provisions are adequately addressed in your contracts, contact an experienced business law attorney for advice.

To have an one of our professionals draft or review your Pennsylvania business contract, or for help with another matter related to your business, call Scolieri Law Group, P.C. Located in western Pennsylvania, our attorneys are experienced in Pennsylvania business law and can help you navigate contracts and other matters affecting your business. Contact us today at (412)765-0546 or send us an email at