What is the Difference Between a Regular Corporation and a Benefit Corporation?

What is the Difference Between a Regular Corporation and a Benefit Corporation?

hands touching earthRecently we discussed the establishment of the Pennsylvania Benefit Corporation as a new legal business entity in Pennsylvania.  To recap, a Benefit Corporation is a corporation committed to operating in a way that has a positive impact on both the environment and society. In today’s article we will discuss a few of the main differences between a Benefit Corporation and a traditional corporation.

The law that established the Benefit Corporation as a legal business entity states that the fiduciary duties of the directors and officers include duties not imposed on the directors and officers of a traditional corporation.  The enhanced fiduciary duties and commensurate protection of a Benefit Corporation’s directors and officers include the following:

  • The duty to create public benefit and consider nonfinancial interests, even in the event of a sale;
  • Enhanced legal protection for directors and officers to allow them to consider the best interests of the work force, community, and environment when making decisions for the corporation; (This contrasts with the duties of directors in traditional corporations where the bottom line is the first priority.)
  • Expanded shareholder rights to enforce the added fiduciary duty and standard of consideration;
  • Super-majority (2/3) vote of the shareholders required to remove or lessen higher standards of directors and officers;
  • Provides corporate opportunity to name and enforce pursuit of one or more public benefit purposes’
  • Provides greater access to capital that current alternative approaches.

If you are interested in establishing a benefit corporation or modifying your existing corporation to the Benefit Corporation guidelines, the Scolieri Law Group, P.C. is here to help.

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